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Bravo Transmission On July - 22 - 2013

Learn When The Noises Your Vehicle Makes Tell You it is Time for an Auto Repair

A fact that many vehicle owners neglect, is that your car can actually speak to you when it needs attention. It can make strange noises when there is a problem. If you cannot speak the “auto language” yourself, however, you better visit an auto repair shop, as soon as you notice that your car is “talking”.

Sounds can actually warn you that something needs attention. Some of them indicate minor problems, others – major ones, serious than others. One thing is certain, however, before a small shaking or squeaking becomes a sputtering or a banging, you should visit  a mechanic in Reno, NVand get your vehicle inspected.

5 Common Sounds Which Indicate a Trouble

  • A metallic sound indicates your car’s brake pads have worn out.
  • A squeaking sound every time you spin the steering wheel – means your power steering fluid may be low.
  • A bucking or stuttering vehicle indicates that a spark plug is misfiring.
  • A knocking sound indicates you may need a valve adjustment because the overhead cam is worn out.
  • A high pitched whine means you have a loose or worn out serpentine belt.

Do not wait too long before you take your car to an auto repair shop. The more you postpone a repair, the bigger the cost of your mechanic may become. If you do not want a hole in your wallet, fix the holes in your car on time! Bravo Transmission is an affordable solution for those members of our local community who are on a budget, but do not want to compromise on the quality of services they get! Contact us now and we guarantee your automobile will be purring like a kitten every time you start it! We have helped many vehicles recover from damage, be the next one to try our excellent services now!

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