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Bravo Transmission On October - 3 - 2013

When Do You Know You Need Professional Transmission Repair?

Today, we are going to focus on some issues which you can experience with your automobile. We hope you will find it useful! Bear in mind that once you notice one of the following problems, you may need to book a professional transmission repair service:

  • Torque converter:

– Worn needle bearings – Emits noise when in driving gears.

– One-way clutch failure – Lack of power, overheating

  • Faulty solenoid – Causes gear slippage and slow shifting.

  • Clutch (in manual transmission) – Repeated stalling, sticking or slipping gears

  • Clogged transmission filter – Low fluid levels, gear slippage, dirty fluid, or no movement.

Transmission fluid index based on colors- This is an easy 4 color system which can help you find out whether there is a problem with your transmission fluid and it needs to be replaced.

– A translucent, reddish-brown fluid which has little or no odor, should not be changed. This color is an indication it is still clean.

– A beige/light orange fluid with a slight burnt odor, indicates that the fluid has been used for a while and may need replacement soon.

– A black or dark brown, viscous fluid, with strong burnt odor indicates that it is time to replace the fluid.

– If you find metal shavings in your fluid, that is a warning that you may have an internal damage, so in this case make sure you visit an auto repair shop for an inspection immediately!

If you are one of those 25% of Americans who cannot afford to do major car repairs, you better check your vehicle regularly, to make sure every potential problem is detected on time and fixed before it is too late. when you are looking for quality and affordable transmission repair you will find no better place than Bravo Transmission. The mechanics in our auto repair shop in Reno, NV are more than qualified to inspect your vehicle and fix all detected issues. Visit us and check out how professional we are!

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